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Hard work really pays off.


Hard work really pays off.

I finally made a connection to the Youth Football League. “Of course I could sell my ice at their Saturday games,” said the head of the league. This is the kind of venue I have been searching for. As I become a little more comfortable with understanding my prime consumer base, it is kids who love ice ALL of the time. When you consider how hot and thirsty kids are after a football game, it is even more ideal.

I am so grateful for the opportunity. Of course, I will donate a portion of the proceeds back to the league. Of course, I hope I donate a lot!


Determination and Effort


Determination and Effort

For the past 3 days I have been helping a 21 year old student study for his Geometry final as he is on his way toward his GED.

I asked him why he was suddenly motivated to complete his high school education. He told me he finally realized how important finishing high school was with respect to his future. I told him how proud I was of his decision. He said, “Thanks, but you are only like 10 years older than I am.” I thanked him and continued helping him with his studies. If he thinks I am 31 years old, I will help him as much as he wants.

In all honesty, it was so refreshing to see a student want to be at school. He leaves at 11:00 every day to go to work. The three hours he has been spending with me in the morning is amazing to me. I hope he is an inspiration to others.

So a student walks into my room wearing an ankle monitor


So a student walks into my room wearing an ankle monitor

to tell her sister that the police had just arrived at school to talk to her. She claimed she had no idea why. I asked her sister, a student in my room, why her sister had an ankle bracelet. She proceeded to tell me the story and then she and I started to talk about her life, her interests, etc. She asked about me.

And then she asked, “What do you like better, teaching or running your own business?”

I thought for a millisecond and responded, “I like them both equally.” When you teach and really bond with a student, that is the pinnacle of the profession. Owning my own small business was not that important at that moment. That’s why I didn’t give up teaching completely.

Lovin’ That Ice


Lovin' That Ice

So today was just another day in the classroom when I got a phone call from a surgeon in the northern suburbs. He and his wife are from New York and LOVE Italian Ice. It is her birthday and he scoured the internet looking to buy her this delicious frozen treat and found Little Philly’s.
He just picked up 3 pints to surprise her with tonight.
It was a great surprise for me, too!